Friday, 31 August 2012

Another Week, Another Blog... That Hasn't Been On Hold For Three Months.

So hey folks.
I know what you are thinking 'A new blog? Before the cob webs have settled on the old one?' I'd imagine your shocked faces but then I realized, the people who were reading this 4 and a half odd months ago, probably haven't thought about it.

But none the less, you have another blog, why? Cause I can really. This week hasn't been the best, we had to put my dog, Ratbag, to sleep. She was an old girl, she wasn't able to walk yesterday, so I spent all day and all night looking after her. This morning we took her to the vets and though the vet initially thought it was bad rheumatism, it was much, much, more severe, in the end it would had been crueller to keep her in pain, so we made the painful decision to euthanize her. 

Honestly, been a lot more difficult then I expected, having lost my nan earlier this year, I know especially for my family, it would be tough losing another big member of our family, everyone has been in tears all day and I feel a bit drained, but lets move past this post, with a happy picture of her.

She had been with us the best part of my life, was name ratbag because when she was younger, she would climb onto the counters and eat the food and drink the tea and one day I caught her and told my parents that she was a 'bloody ratbag' and the name stuck. I am defiantly going to miss my deaf, loud mouthed, tea drinking compadre! I thought she would be with us forever, as she's been with us since I was a child.

I haven't been out and about this week, so I haven't been out to take pictures as of yet, but I do have some beauts from a while ago and turkey I promised you! See, despite my long hiatus's and really lazy attitude, I always deliver! They aren't special but still, I love them! Though that is an obvious, if I didn't, I wouldn't blog them.
I don't think you guys understand, just how much I love this turkey! He is just brilliant! I mean, c'mon, just look at it, he is pretty awesome.

I don't really have a lot of news for you, apart from some very interesting videos by the very interesting TheBirdGarden Blogger, Geraint. Okay, yeah I post his stuff a lot, but can you blame me? He's got serious talent. So I am going to promote some videos he made on how to set up and use camera equipment. I have enjoyed them I hope you will as well!

Do subscribe to him if you do like nature and tutorials on Cameras, he has a lot of talent and I think the whole world should see it but then again I am biased.
Well, this is it for this week, I promise next will be a hundred times better than this depressing lark! 
Also, I am aware my grammar is shit, there is no fighting that. 
Bye for now!